96 HOURS aka Shop 96 Hours is 96 straight hours of live streamed "Buy Black" programming where consumers can shop straight from their computers and mobile devices with up to 384 Black-owned businesses. With a specific goal to increase awareness of, access to, and patronage of Black-owned businesses, the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo [BEEDC] is mobilizing Black Business Directories, Membership Organizations and Buy Black Movements to provide consumers who are willing to "buy black" an empowered engaging interactive experience with a diverse array of Black-owned businesses.



    The BEEDC seeks to collaborate with other ecosystem building entities...

    Shop96Hours mobilizes Black business directories, membership organizations, and buy black movements and provide them with four-hour programming blocks to offer live streamed shopping segments to their business members. BEEDC also engages a team of video producers to help the directories produce quality programming and the businesses to effectively produce its live-streamed segments.


    The BEEDC Collaborative in partnership with TaylorAdams Marketing provides the infrastructure, the platform, toolkit, and executes an aggressive online and offline campaign to drive the consumer to watch.

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  • 'Tis the Season to Buy Black

  • Mobilize & Collaborate

    col·lab·o·rate (verb) kəˈlabəˌrāt/

    work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something



    The Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo believes when we come together in purpose we must produce new levels of product and services. Our research shows that the everyday Black person does not know where to find a diverse and large quantity of Black owned businesses. 96 Hours brings together the key players needed to "buy black" in one place online and mobile. With specific goals to grow awareness, advocacy, membership, and sales for our collaborators, the BEEDC provides the infrastructure, platform, promotion, and straightforward strategies for our partners to get the best outcomes and for consumers to have an empowered engaged interactive experience.



    To sponsor, schedule a discovery session so we may discover your marketing objectives, share our audience breakdown and property assets that will best serve you.


    Consumers CTA:

    We Who Buy Black Will

    register and stay informed, receive exclusive access to savings and specials, loyalty programs, contests, and event schedule. Discover participating directories and businesses. After you register, please:

    Black Business Directories,

    membership organizations and buy black movements, you are the first line of defense. Let's collaborate and grow your business membership as well as increase awareness of your brand as a resource among the buying public. Your participation gives you

    • one four (4) hour block of programming in which you may provide 16 fifteen minute live streaming segments to black-owned businesses for a suggested fee. The fees collected will more than cover all required costs.
    • toolkit which gives you a step by step guide, suggested strategies, ad revenue streams, producing treatment template for programming block and business segments. You will also receive a toolkit to distribute to your participating businesses.
    • producer access to live stream platform
    • 500 postcards promotions

    Black Owned Businesses

    exponentially increase your brand awareness and sales among Buy Black advocates during buying seasons. All business segments are secured via a business directory. The BEEDC will help match you with a great directory. Benefits of participation:

    • discover and build relationships with great business directories
    • gain new audience, drive online and/or foot traffic
    • generate leads; execute sales
    • affordable
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